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Minority Solicitation

Union Concrete and Construction Corp. takes its obligation to make good faith efforts to use certified Minority Business Enterprises, Women Business Enterprises, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises on its construction contracts very seriously. It welcomes and encourages bids from all of these firms. Union Concrete will render certified firms reasonable assistance in preparing bids for its contracts. If you are a minority firm servicing the construction industry in Western New York, please contact Erika Mellick, to be placed on our project solicitation list.

All Bids

Any party (hereinafter called Proposer) submitting a proposal to Union Concrete and Construction Corp. for any project that Union Concrete is bidding acknowledges the following items:

  1. It is the proposer’s responsibility to thoroughly review all project specifications, plans and contract documents, regardless of whether or not Union Concrete has rendered any assistance to the proposer in this regard, and/or pointed the proposer to certain pages or sections of the plans, specifications or contract documents.

  2. The goods and/or services that the proposer is quoting for the project must be in conformance with all project plans, specifications and contract documents.

  3. It is solely the Proposer’s responsibility to stay current on Owner Addenda to the Contract Documents by frequently checking the Owner’s website, or other location where official contract documents are stored.

  4. All documents posted here are for convenience only and should not be considered the authoritative source. The project owner is the authoritative source for all Contract Documents

By submitting a proposal to Union Concrete and Construction Corp. Proposer indicates its acceptance of these terms.

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